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July 2016 by Daliah Singer 5280

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We've Moved Upstairs!

04/21/2016 - Hailee Grace

Larimer Square Boutique Moving Up

03/31/2016 by George Demopoulos BusinessDen

Founders Hailee Satterfield and Grace Buttorff. Submitted photo.

Founders Hailee Satterfield and Grace Buttorff. Submitted photo.

After three years of selling its dresses and jewelry from a Larimer Square basement shop, a woman’s boutique is moving up.

Grace Buttorff and Hailee Satterfield are expanding their women’s clothing store, Hailee Grace, to a street-level storefront in Larimer Square this spring.

“(Larimer Square) was our starter spot, it was our test of concept,” Buttorff said. “We’ve outgrown – we’ve used every inch of the current store, and in order to keep growing, we need more space for things like new products and more dressing rooms.”

Hailee Grace is climbing from its 630-foot basement digs at 1423 Larimer St. to a 1,600-square-foot, street-level shop at 1421 Larimer St. Buttorff and Satterfield will remain in the basement shop while they finish renovations, and hope to open the new spot by mid-April. Then they’llvacate 1423 Larimer St.

They’re investing about $50,000 to expand their inventory selection, including adding new items such as sunglasses, shoes and swimsuits.

Buttorff hopes the street-level store will attract more customer traffic and allow for faster customer turnover than before.

“We have a problem right now where we only have two dressing rooms and there’s constantly a line to try on clothes,” she said. “You lose a lot of sales that way.”

The new shop will have four dressing rooms, Buttorff said.

Hailee Grace features women’s clothing items such as dresses and jewelry, priced between $30 and $100. That makes Hailee Grace one of Larimer Square’s less-expensive retailers, Buttorff said, and she believes that will be an advantage over the competition.

Buttorff  plans to open an online shop after the new store is opened.

Buttorff, 28, and Satterfield, 27, met as sophomore roommates at CU-Boulder in 2007 and opened Hailee Grace with a $100,000 investment in 2013. The shop is profitable, Buttorff said, and generated $600,000 in revenue in 2015.

Buttorff, a Boston native, said she drew inspiration for the store from the Newbury Street shopping district in that city’s Back Bay neighborhood.

Hailee Grace’s biggest advantage over other Denver boutiques, Buttorff said, is that its owners are also in the target demographic.

“With our age, one of our rules is that we just need to buy what we want,” she said. “It’s absolutely an advantage, and it’s been beneficial to our customers, too.”

What to Wear In Spring's Erratic Weather

3/16/2016 by Georgia Alexia Benjou 5280


"Sheath Dress: Dresses are an easy everyday option, and you can simply rotate accessories for a new look. Hailee Grace owners Hailee Satterfield and Grace Buttorff pick this '70s-inspired sheath version by RD Style ($66) as the perfect spring piece. Wear it now with a head-turning pair of lace-up, peep-toe booties and a light olive, blush, or cream-colored trench coat. On-trend gladiator sandals and a metal statement necklace (I suggest a torque) take the staple right into summer. 1423 Larimer St.; 303-698-2323"

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The 5280 Guide to Shopping Locally This Weekend

11/25/2015 by Kelly Baines 5280


Hailee Grace: Located in Larimer Square, this contemporary women’s boutique will have 20 percent markdowns throughout the entire store—and a mimosa bar all day long (because how else will you get through a full day of shopping?).

Top of the Town 2015 - Women's Clothing & Accessories Reader's Choice Winner

6/17/2015 by Daliah Singer 5280


Thank you to all of our customers for once again selecting Hailee Grace Boutique in 5280's Top of the Town as the best Women's Clothing store in Denver! Not to mention your votes for best accessories, we couldn't ask for a better community of support. #tott

10 Summer Wardrobe Picks for Him and Her

6/11/2015 by Georgia Alexia Benjou 5280

"Jumpsuits are simple, comfortable, and easy to dress up or down. Choose one like this RD Style relaxed drawstring-waist version; pair it with a flat slide sandal and mini shoulder bag for a casual look, or sexy stilettos and a slim clutch for evening. Once the weather cools down, try throwing a luxe cardigan or black tuxedo jacket over it. $120, Hailee Grace, 1423 Larimer St., 303-698-2323"


Special Series- Dynamic Duos Hailee Grace

2/24/2015 Denver Style Magazine

Written by Lacey Spruce || Photos by Life Unstill | H. Wilson Photography

This week’s dynamic duo, Hailee and Grace of Hailee Grace Boutique, are living every 26-year-old fashionista’s dream. Not only are they incredibly fashionable, but they’re also best friends who are taking the Denver fashion scene by storm. They may be young, but their business and fashion sense prove that age doesn’t matter when it comes to being a dynamic duo! Check out our interview below to learn what fashion trends they’re excited about for spring, how Hailee Grace Boutique provides a personalized shopping experience, and what is the best part about being a business owner.

Tell me a little bit about your partnership. What do you think makes you a “dynamic duo”?

We were roommates in college all throughout undergrad at CU Boulder, so we’ve definitely known each other long enough to know each others’ strengths. We are lucky enough to be best friends and own a business together. I think our unique styles together make the perfect combination for our success in Hailee Grace. Our history together gives a strong relationship both personally and in business. We let each other take chances when someone feels strongly about it, and it usually pays off.

How would each of you describe your personal style?

Hailee: I would say that I like lots of neutrals. I like classic pieces that you can wear multiple ways. My go to is a white tee, dark skinny jeans and booties. I wear a lot of flare skirts with sweaters. It’s definitely more LA compared to Grace’s.

Grace: I think I have more of a New York style being from the east coast. I would say black is definitely a staple in my closet, but with that I like to layer. I love a good jacket, if its a draped leather, my new favorite thin olive trench coat, or a brightly colored moto jacket to add some color. I wear a lot of blouses and skinny jeans or shift dresses and booties.

What does expressing personal style mean to you?

I think personal style is ever evolving; I think it reflects who you are as a person, but as you grow your style tends to change with it. It can reflect your mood and I think you can constantly reinvent yourself with what you’re wearing.

How does Hailee Grace Boutique help others express their personality and their personal style?

We help people pair basics with our more fashion-forward pieces to help them develop their own personal style. Hailee and I hand pick everything in the store so often times we can suggest pieces they wouldn’t normally pick out for themselves. Often times they come in looking for suggestions from one of us to complete their look.

If you could only keep one item of clothing in your closet currently, what would you choose and why?

We both say our leather jacket.

What is your favorite part about being a business owner?

We like that we get to pick out our own merchandise that reflects our style. We believe in our product, and the way it makes women look. We love being able to dress women and make them feel great about the way the look when they leave the store because of items we’ve picked out. Also, there aren’t many 26-year-olds with their own boutique, which gives us an advantage in our market because we are what we sell.

What’s the best part about being a part of the fashion scene in Denver?

I think the best part is that there aren’t that many boutiques in Denver, and people love the personal shopping we bring to our customers. We have a fashion-forward fun style which lets us stand out in a way that makes our customers keep looking for more from us. We also love contributing to the growing fashion scene that I think a lot of people in Denver are craving.

How do you choose which designers you carry in the store?

We have our go to brands that have done well in the store that Hailee and I both love, but every buying trip we are always looking for new brands that will complement the store. We also only buy what we like–sometimes we are only buying select pieces from the collections. The collections fluctuate with what works for us in the store so we don’t always have every brand if we don’t like what we see. We think thats why people love the store so much because we are evolving with the fashion industry.

What trends are you most excited about for spring?

We love the haute hippie look for spring and summer, along with the floral and geometric prints. There are also a lot of layering pieces going into spring, the blanket coat and poncho is adapting to the warmer weather with lighter fabrics and colors and bolder prints.

Who or what inspires your personal style?

We love Olivia Palermo. She mixes new trends with the classic pieces to edit her.

If you could choose any decade of style to come back into fashion, what would it be?

We love right now. I think the style we have going on right now is a mix of the best parts of the last decades. We have fringe and the haute hippie style from the 70’s, we have the shift dress and geometric prints 60’s, the high waisted shorts and pants from the 80’s and distressed jeans from the 90’s

What inspired you to open Hailee Grace Boutique?

race: I’m from Boston, and we have a lot of boutiques there that I grew up going to. Denver is still developing its boutique scene so Hailee and I saw a good opportunity to bring fashion to Denver in a way that hadn’t been done before.

Hailee: After moving back from working in the fashion industry in LA, I realized I wanted to stay in fashion but here in Denver. We saw a need for another contemporary women’s boutique so we decided to go for the dream. We have been stealing each other’s clothes since the day we met so it’s not much different (ha ha).

Visit Hailee Grace Boutique online, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram @haileegraceboutique so you are the first to hear about new styles and new trends at this fab Denver boutique. Stop in the store and say hi to these two fabulous ladies. Stay tuned for our next Dynamic Duo, AOB Med Spa, next week!

Lacey Spruce is the creator of personal style blog My Boring Closet and a Denver Style Magazine contributor.

Hailee Grace

1/07/2015 Studio 9720


2014 was an cray- cray year, like insane-in the absolute best ways physically and mentally possible! The best way to have ended this year was the opportunity to finally get to interview Hailee and Grace of Hailee Grace boutique in Larimer Square. One of the cutest, intimate, and well stocked boutique in Denver, Hailee Grace is the perfect reflection of the wonderful owners.

Hailee and Grace met back in college and took their combined skills to start a store that really puts their skills and talents to good use. During our interview with them, their store was hopping, and it was so amazing to watch how good and loving they are to their costumers. There were several people that came in that were greeted by name and the girls asked how their families were or how a certain event had gone.

We can’t believe it took us this long to meet you guys, but we are so glad it finally happened! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the beautiful dress and the super fun morning interview.

What designers do you carry? Lush, Everly, Olive & Oak, Collective Concepts, Make Pink and so much mush more.

What makes your boutique? We hit an attainable price point and everything we carry is quality.  We pick classic pieces  that can really go from season to season. We keep things simple and things that go everywhere, even day to night.

Describe the atmosphere at your store: Fun, warm, cozy. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We don’t push; we want you to feel good. We’re a good time and we like to laugh.

Who is your ideal client? Our range is so big! It was 20-30 now it has spread from our 17 year old sister to our mothers.  We love a fashion forward woman who would rather buy 4 things for $100 instead of just one.

What’s the story behind the store? And how did you get started? We are best friends from college. Hailee moved to L.A. to start styling and Grace stayed in Colorado and did event planning. (Hailee) I’m from here and I wanted to be back here. (Grace) I wanted to buy things in a store and not online. Obviously the best solution was to open our own store. Grace has a unique talent for buying replicas and similar items to the big name designer trends. We are still evolving every day  and finding something new.

Why Fashion? It’s always changing. It’s always evolving. It is the one thing that you can change always, and consistently change about yourself. Both of us are one of three girls, so it just came naturally to own a woman’s boutique.

Is running a small business challenging, rewarding, or both? Both. It is so different on a day to day basis and even month to month. We’re are always learning. It is also so great that there is two of us, it balances things out.

Where do you see your business in 5 years? Another location. Maybe  in another state or be online. We don’t want to grow too fast. We want to do it right. We want people to love being here.

Is Denver an up and coming place for fashion? 100%! I think people love coming here because people didn’t have many places to go. There are now affordable options for people. People want to be modern and have options.

Personal style inspiration: Hailee: Very New York, Olivia Palemo, I could never live in New York but I love the super comfy chic look of a white tee shirt leather pants and tan booties, every day. Grace:Olivia Palemo, I love leather, and looking different everyday. I like classic, I like chic, I like effortless dressy.

Favorite Era of fashion: Grace: Right now. You have everything- you get all the military, the 70′s and the 60′s. Hailee: I would have loved to been alive in the 30′s.

Favorite season for fashion: Both: Fall!

Neutrals or Color: Both: Neutrals, but we sell a lot of color.

Find Hailee Grace online | on Facebook | on Instagram or at 1423 Larimer Street in Denver.

Small Business Saturday Seeks To Keep Dollars Local

11/19/2014 CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4) - Denver Mayor Michael Hancock emphasized what he said was the importance of buying local by picking out a few gifts for his family on Saturday.

“I did a little shopping today for my girls at home, my wife and daughter,” he said.

He was touting Small Business Saturday, a nationwide effort to convince shoppers to spend their dollars at local business, not chains and big-box stores.

“It helps to keep our employment base strong and keep our tax base moving forward,” he said while shopping at Hailee Grace, a women’s boutique in Larimer Square.

Hailee Saterfield and Grace Buttorff, best friends from college, own Hailee Grace.

“We just love clothes,” they said.

They’re just one store offering discounts for Small Business Saturday.

“Eight-five percent of the businesses in Colorado are small. They employ half of our workforce in Colorado,” Kelly J. Brough, the CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, said.

Every dollar spent locally keeps 68 cents inside local communities, backers say.

Since its creation in 2010, Small Business Saturday is marked in nearly 3,000 neighborhoods across the country.

Hancock shops on Small Business Saturday (credit: CBS)

Faux Fur Vests for Fall

10/9/2014 KDVR FOX31 Denver

DENVER — It’s the hot trend for fall that’s coming back in a big way — the faux fur vest. It makes every cold weather outfit look like you’ve walked off the pages of Vogue. Hailee and Grace of Hailee Grace Boutique in Larimer Square showed off a few.

Hailee Grace Awarded 5280 Magazine's 2014 Top of the Town - Women's Clothing

7/1/2014 5280

Editor's Choice

We expect a little sticker shock when we shop in Larimer Square, but nothing primed us for the jaw-droppingly low prices at Hailee Grace, where almost every item in the store is under $100. Opened by former University of Colorado Boulder roommates Hailee Satterfield and Grace Evans, the year-old boutique boasts youthful brands such as THML, Joie, and Honey Punch. The twentysomethings source their lines—think casual weekend wear, flirty date-night dresses, mix-and-match separates, and amped-up work outfits—from Los Angeles, where Satterfield was once a personal stylist (after her stint as an assistant at Vogue). Translation: breezy fabrics, colorful palettes, and a casual elegance that’s right at home in Denver, too.

Reader's Choice

University of Colorado roommates Hailee Satterfield and Grace Evans might have earned their degrees in sociology, but the success of their Larimer Square boutique surely qualifies them for Ph.D.s in style.


Get the Latest Spring Trends

5/1/2014 by Kimberly Fiet KWGN

If you haven’t started shopping for the latest spring trends we have the perfect place for you to start. Grace Evans and Hailee Satterfield, owners of Hailee Grace Boutique, stopped by to show us the latest fashions women are going to want.  And they have amazing prices!

Happy Birthday Hailee Grace!

4/25/2014 by Brandi Shigley Fashion Denver

I first met Hailee and Grace at a trunk show a couple weeks ago and quite honestly, just absolutely LOVED hanging out with these young and fashionable entrepreneurs! (continued)

2013's Top New Boutiques In Denver

12/24/2013 by Alaina Brandenburger CBS Denver

Another new addition to Larimer Square, Hailee Grace offers clothes for people who want to look chic yet effortless. Carrying designers like Joie, Lush, Nine Bird, and more, this shop is a good place for finding clothes for work and play. The founders Hailee and Grace are well versed in fashion and combine East Coast and West Coast fashion in a manner that allows everyone to be fashion forward, yet comfortable. Stop in and transform your style, or simply pick a few new pieces to accentuate the great style you already have.

Chic Boutique: Hailee Grace Brings L.A. to the Mile High City

07/18/2013 by Dreq Q. @ 303 Magazine

Check out Hailee Grace as featured in 303 Magazine

Fix Me Friday Summer Dress Makeover

06/14/2013 by Fox 31 Denver

Check out Hailee Grace as featured on FOX 31's Everyday segment "Fix Me Friday: Summer Dress Makeover".


Hailee Grace featured in Denver Reign Magazine Summer 2013 Edition

Summer 2013 By Betsy Marr

WHAT DO YOU GET WHEN YOU combine a former Vogue staffer and celeb stylist with an east-coast event planner turned Colorado girl? Hailee Grace, the brand new boutique that just opened its stylish doors on Larimer Square.

CU grads and college roommates Hailee Satterfield and Grace Evans have emerged as two of the trendsetting block’s hippest retailers with LA-influenced women’s clothing that resonates with the Denver aesthetic. Lines like Flying Monkey, Mustard Seed, BB Dakota and Honey Punch round out a carefully curated collection of modern basics mixed with high fashion trend pieces.

The space itself is eclectic and airy – exposed brick gives off a chic loft vibe within Larimer’s garden level walkway. Inside, Satterfield and Evans have let their Boston and Los Angeles-bred sensibilities go to work with blazers, dresses, tops and accessories that translate well in the Mile High City.

And while the eponymous owners are young, their influences are sophisticated and their backgrounds impressive. Satterfield was a styling intern to Vogue legends Grace Coddington & Tonne Goodman before becoming a celebrity stylist under Petra Flannery (clients include Emma Stone, Mila Kunis and Reese Witherspoon). Evans was a fresh-faced event planner born and raised in the coastal town of Marblehead, Massachusetts whose own fashion sense is akin to socialite turned style icon Olivia Palermo.

“I have a definite east coast style that I’ve blended with the relaxed feel of Denver and its downtown lofty style of the store,” says Evans. “It’s sophisticated but fun – filled with blazers and blouses.”

Satterfield agrees. “We love clean lines, engaging fabrics and great structure. It’s my personal daily ‘uniform’ and also prominent throughout the design of the store.”

Items are reasonably priced, making it a perfect stop for refreshing an otherwise classic wardrobe with more of-the-moment additions. Colored blazers, leather skirts, military jackets and silk shift dresses are among the pair’s picks for summer, as are black and white ensembles and lots of lace.

While there, check out THML, an LA-based contemporary line with an edgy mix of lightweight sweaters, tops and chiffon dresses and...

Hailee Grace look featured in 5280 Magazine

Check out our look featured on 5280 for the promotion of the Larimer Square Summer Style Fashion Show!

Hailee Grace Boutique opens Thursday in Denver's Larimer Square

04/25/2013 By  The Denver Post

Hailee Satterfield and Grace Evans are like a lot of women in their mid-20s. The friends who met while sociology students at the University of Colorado love fashion but lack the budget to go with their designer taste level. So they decided to do something about it and open a store with trend-forward, well-made clothes at what Satterfield calls "obtainable" prices. They've set up shop in a 600-square-foot walkway space at 1423 Larimer St. and will open the doors of Hailee Grace Boutique on Thursday featuring such labels as Ark & Co., BB Dakota, Flying Monkey, Joie, Mustard Seed and Natural Life. Satterfield, who interned at Vogue magazine in New York and has worked in styling and at the design company of 3.1 Philip Lim in California, says she and Evans buy their collections at the wholesale markets Los Angeles. She describes her personal style as "simple, pretty and classic," and says they're stocking both work and weekend looks for women. Among her top recommendations for spring? A white blazer, mint blouse and a dress in black and white.